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Coaching You To Wealth And Business Freedom

Are you a Struggling Entrepreneur, or have a Stalled Business?

  • Feeling Burned Out?

  • Is Your Business in a State of Chaos?

  • Have You Lost Good Customers?

  • Working Too Many Hours?

  • Having Problems Finding Good Employees?

  • Struggling to Pay Your Bills?

  • Fear an Upcoming Recession?

You Are Not Alone!


Our Clients

  • Have Fallen In Love With Their Business Again

  • Sleep Well With Their Business Under Control

  • Are Experiencing Strong Sales Growth

  • Enjoy Extra Time to Spend With Their Loved Ones

  • Have a Large File of Job Candidates Who Want to Join Them

  • Experience the Calm of Having Extra Money in the Bank

Are You Looking For Better Financial Performance For Your Business?

Are you a self-employed entrepreneur?
Have you poured massive amounts of time and energy into your business?
…. and are you still suffering from one or all of the following?
  • Lackluster sales growth

  • Eroded margins due to rising expenses

  • No time to enjoy life anymore

How much happier would you be if you could discover a formula for …

  • Accelerated revenues and profits

  • Slashing production and marketing costs to a bare minimum

  • Making work fun again

Welcome to Thompson J Enterprises, LLC.  We help Businesses and Entrepreneurs reframe their Niche, Platform, and Foundation to scale their companies to 6 and 7 Figures while utilizing OPM (Other People's Money)!


* Business Coaching/Training

* Business Capital & Funding

* Business Diagnostic

* Business Grant & Proposal Writing

* Business Branding

* Business Credit

* Business PR

* Business Marketing

* Operational Efficiency Audit

* Business Monetization (YouTube)

* Business Social Media Management

* Financial Management Services 

* Business Growth Partnership

* Business Roadmap Expansion 

* Agency & Affiliate Program


Key Points

  • Implement more than one business growth strategy to reduce risk and maximize market share expansion.

  • Choose business growth strategies that align with your budget, goals, timelines, competition, and desired market share.

  • A business growth strategy is more effective when you’re true to your positioning, possess deep audience insight, and can pivot quickly as needed.

Welcome to Thompson J Enterprises, LLC. We provide comprehensive life coaching services for careers, relationships, family/blended, health & wealth, and spiritual. We believe that every individual deserves to live a fulfilled and happy life. Our expert coaches help you identify the areas where you need the most help, set realistic goals and then we work with you to devise a plan to achieve success.  Through one-on-one, group sessions, and workshops, our commitment towards your personal growth and development is unparalleled. Let us help you enhance your life today. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

* Life Coaching/Training

* Relationship Coaching

* Career Coaching (Land that 6 Figure Position)

* Family Coaching

* Trauma Coaching

* Financial Coaching

Key Points

  • Learn a new skill that directly or indirectly relates to your current position

  • Increase sales or revenue by a certain percentage

  • Build a professional rapport with the members of your team

  • Develop a system that improves cross-departmental collaboration

  • Get promoted to a higher position

  • Take a lateral move that gets you closer to your long-term career goals

  • Get a raise or monetary increase

Grow Your Vision

Our Clients Experience Massive Growth with our Cutting Edge AI Software, Industry Knowledge, and Business Partnerships.  We know what it takes to Create & Scale Companies in short precedented periods.  End your Frustration Today and spend more time building your Products/Services and leave the rest to US.


What Our Clients Say

Maggie Kahn

Marketing VP

Increased Small Business Profits by 90%

Carl Mccarthy


We are growing as a industry leading Company, 22% increase... in the past 30 days

Alex Boyd

Franchise Owner

Goal was $500k, we exceed that by 1m in new revenue.  We can now expand to our 2nd location.


My name is Jaliel Thompson

 CEO and Visionary of Thompson J Enterprises, LLC

With over 20 years of being a Struggling Entrepreneur, I finally found My Niche and hit 6 figures in Sales!!  The knowledge and Business hacks I learned helped me to double my income every year for the past 10 years.  I became a Serial Entrepreneur & "International Best Selling Author," and was featured in the press for helping a struggling entrepreneur start and scale a business from "zero (0) to six (6) figures in less than 6 months."  I decided that I would focus my attention to help save business owners time, effort, and resources, to be able to do in precedented times what it took me decades to achieve.

"Create a Business for the problem you were born to solve, and you will never have a Wealth problem"



                          Jaliel Thompson

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“Success is not Final; Failure is not Fatal:
It is the Courage to Continue that Counts.”

Winston Churchill

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